A Member of Women at the Top is:
  • Successful/accomplished
  • Reputable / highest integrity
  • The highest ranking woman in their organization / industry
  • Personable / willing to share what they know

Top 3 Reasons to be a member of WATT
  • Meet other business women
  • Develop long-standing friendships/sisterhood
  • Learn about current, local events

Membership is by invitation only. Membership is limited to no more than one member within any one occupational field. Prospective members may be suggested by a WATT member and be approved by a vote of the membership. Attendance at a minimum of 50% of all meetings is required.


Top 5 industry sectors:

  • Professional / Business Services

  • Healthcare

  • Retail / Personal Services

  • Education (early, K-12 and Post-Secondary)

  • Government/Public Services

Entity Structure:

  • For-Profit Entities 74%

  • Nonprofit Entities 26%

Employers of:

  • 198,360 full and part-time workers

  • 67% have fewer than 100 FT/PT

  • 4% have more than 45,000 FT/PT