Women at the Top (WATT) is a group of businesswomen who meet weekly to discuss their chief interest, i.e., business. Their purpose is plain. Their method is simple. Meeting, eating, talking together, they exchange information relating to the business scene. They have come to know and have confidence in one another. This leads to business transactions. They are prepared to share knowledge of current business affairs, to provide introductions and recommendations, and to listen. Most represent corporations at responsible levels of management. Some are professional, partners or sole proprietors. They have no project to promote other than their mutual legitimate business interests. Membership is by invitation.

The object of WATT shall be to promote the business interests of its members through the furnishing and exchanging of business information by and between its members and otherwise.

Since the formation of the Club, WATT has maintained and strengthened this purpose. Openly and frankly, WATT admits that its members seek a competitive advantage in a competitive economy for those who enjoy membership.

The Club is not devoted to the exchange of goods between members, but rather to the exchange of merchandising ideas and newsworthy business intelligence.

As an inevitable consequence of meeting together and getting to know each other well, there goes a confidence and respect for the quality of the goods and services of its members, and the integrity of their business methods. It is this latter that enables WATT members to recommend one another as dependable sources of supplies and services. Business between members will then develop as a matter of course.



For the past 30+ years, WATT members have benefited from the sharing of current information about the state of our community, important local initiatives and activities, and recent developments in each member’s area of professional expertise. Weekly breakfast meetings are augmented by informational evening “salons,” monthly social gatherings. and an annual retreat.